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Strategic Planning

Let COG assist your organization in defining its mission; we’ll define potential strategies, test and grade them, and choose the optimal plan…so your firm can move out and win decisively in the marketplace.
Workforce Management
Task Assessment
Control Measures
Establish Team Goals

We help you build a winning strategy

We help you build a winning strategy using military-based planning, a process of by which a commander considers all the circumstances affecting a situation and arrives at a decision or, a course of action (COA).

  • Mission Analysis

  • Course of Action (COA) Development

  • COA Comparison

This method is used to win on the battlefield…COG uses the same process to help small businesses win market share. Military planning is a turnkey solution for any business searching for a systematic, objective, and proven approach to defining the best organizational strategy. Let us walk your firm through the strategic planning process through the lens of a military campaign planning staff!

Winning military strategy and successful business strategy share the same elements; we’ll help you:

  1. Determine what needs to be done and WHY, allowing you to direct the tactical specifics of HOW.

  2. Organize management to take best advantage of all of workforce capabilities.

  3. Articulate the geometry of the operational environment to provide sufficient control measures without micromanaging.

  4. Establish command relationships that promote interdependence among the components, instill a “one team, one goal” mentality, provide command authority commensurate with responsibilities, and build trust and confidence.

  5. Decentralize authorities to empower subordinates to operate within your leader’s strategic guidance and take advantage of unforeseen opportunities.

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