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A winning strategy requires constant assessment. COG will help your organization align strategy with the effects you seek…and we’ll help you maintain alignment as you achieve your objectives and execute your strategic mission.

Organizational Assessment

Determine Timeline and Product
Discover Appropriate Metrics
Develop Measurable Effects

We help you assess your progress

Military campaigns require constant assessment; the same is true for business campaigns.  COG will help your organization clarify your lines of operation and accurately define your progress toward the end states you want…opening the door for corrective action and operational process redesign where needed.

We help you find answers

  1. What are our objectives?

  2. Are there prerequisites to achieving the objectives?

  3. If so, what are our decision points and what’s our transition plan?

  4. Do we have the right tasks to achieve our objectives?

  5. Are we measuring the effects of our tasks properly?

  6. Are we using the right indicators at the right times & within the proper contexts?

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